Buckwheat for export to EU countries

Ukraine demonstrates the high quality of its products and is a reliable supplier

Everyone knows that Ukraine has fertile black soils and is famous for its good harvest. It grows various agricultural crops, some of which are successfully exported. Ukrainian black soils make it possible to grow a significant amount of buckwheat. The export of buckwheat to the EU is very popular nowadays. Thanks to this, European consumers can appreciate the quality of this healthy cereal.

Features of buckwheat export to Europe

Buckwheat export occupies a leading position in the industry. Every year, tons of this cereal are exported, meeting the needs of Europeans in full. Ukraine demonstrates the high quality of its products and is a reliable supplier. In addition, an excellent opportunity for earning money opens up for Ukrainian companies. This is an important sector of the economy, both for product manufacturers and exporters.
Ukrainian agricultural products are distinguished by high quality and the absence of GMOs in their composition. For these reasons, it is attractive to European consumers.

Advantages of buckwheat for export

• Growing demand for organic products with natural and healthy properties.
•    High quality. Due to its high taste, buckwheat is popular not only among ordinary families, but also among people who adhere to a proper healthy diet.
• High environmental properties. This criterion is achieved due to the fact that buckwheat is grown in regions characterized by environmental safety. Such products are completely free of harmful substances.
• Possibility of expanding supply channels for Ukrainian farmers and agricultural producers.
• Overall economic growth of Ukrainian regions.

As we can see, there are quite a lot of advantages for exporting buckwheat to EU countries. Moreover, the benefit is for both parties - farmers, who can expand the sales market and consumers from Europe who want to buy high-quality products.

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