Roses for an anniversary are a great gift

The florists of our salon will definitely help you with choosing.

Since this is a common holiday, the wife can also choose a magnificent flower arrangement for her husband, thus showing her care and tenderness. What bouquet should I give for my wedding anniversary? Roses for an anniversary are a great gift. You can view a ready-made bouquet or contact a specialist to make a bouquet taking into account your wishes. Wedding anniversaries associated with metals are celebrated for the next six years.

From the name itself it is clear that roses of the valley are considered the best option. If you cannot find roses of the valley on sale this season, then choose white or cream-colored flowers. At the age of 40, for example, a ruby ​​wedding is celebrated. If such a composition is too heavy to transfer, you can order the decoration along with the basket.

Which bouquet is suitable for whom?

An anniversary bouquet for a man is well suited for creative and dreamy individuals. On sale you can also choose bouquets of pink chrysanthemums, tulips and lilies. For this anniversary you can also give:

  • peonies;

  • ranunculus;

  • roses;

  • chrysanthemums;

  • lilies.

The florists of our salon will definitely help you with choosing. We employ qualified specialists who know well which flowers should be given for a particular occasion. Important anniversaries and what is the best gift for them? For a five-year wedding anniversary, elegant roses, carnations, and chrysanthemums are best suited. And here you can’t do without a bouquet of lush red roses.

Why roses?

An expensive and lush bouquet would be perfect for this anniversary. It is advisable to use orchids, lilies, anthuriums, carnations, bamboo, tree branches or exotic shrubs in the bouquet. The composition must contain at least 11 colors; choose plants with tall and very strong stems. Do not give ordinary and cheap flowers on this special day. Buy exotic flora; roses will do too. An exclusive composition or figurine made from plants would be a good gift.

This plant signifies openness and joy

Roses - symbolize modesty, tenderness, romance and beauty, chastity and peace. Roses also are honor and wealth. In China they are considered a symbol of immortality. Irises will serve as a wonderful gift for a young couple. And that is why it is better to give them to a man. Good for a woman. This way you will emphasize your respect for her. In subsequent years, it is advisable to give.

Meaning of flower

Roses are a symbol of love and beauty. A great option not only for a wedding anniversary, but also for regular holidays such as birthdays and New Year. Symbol of perfection, love, beauty, fertility. Roses - symbolize love, great happiness, including glory, honor, harmony. For the most significant wedding anniversaries, it is better to give.

Compositions from lilies of the valley. Magnificent roses . Makes a great 15th birthday gift. For this you can use both flowers in pots and bouquets. Composition of lilies. An excellent gift for a silver wedding. Strict and elegant roses and lilies will be a wonderful gift for 30 years of marriage. Also find out how the couple feels about indoor flowers.

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